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5 Wall Colours For Home With A Calming Influence

Colours have the power to influence our mind and moods. So much so that there is a whole pseudoscience behind it. But science or no science, colours do affect us, visually and subconsciously. Vibrant colours are full of energy which spur action and activity. But a house or a room painted in neutral colours will create a calming influence in the living room design.

The right selection of wall paint colours will create a sanctuary of calm in your home. Here are some soothing wall colours which will help you relax by their mere presence.

Soothing Wall Colour Design - Asian Paints



Nickel Grey (Wall Colour Code : 6126)

Inspiring Green (Wall Colour Code : 9345)

Swan Song (Wall Colour Code : 7440)

Iced Silver (Wall Colour Code : 8236)

Day Lily (Wall Colour Code : 8060)